PDFA works on behalf of Tamilnadu dairy farmers.

Dairy farming is more than a full-time job, it is a lifestyle. With animals to care for, crops to nurture and cows to milk, the majority of PDFA farmer's day is spent on the farm. So, Tamilnadu dairy farmers rely on the Progressive Dairy Farmers Association (PDFA) to help them through the issues that directly impact their farm and their farming practices.

PDFA works with regulatory agencies to create science-based regulation and encourages legislators to pass thoughtful legislation in an effort to create an environment that will continue to allow Tamilnadu dairy farmers the opportunity to improve their profits by breed upgradation, better management and efficient & effective feeding practices.

Objectives of PDFA

  • To assist and promote the growth and development of dairy farming in every way in the State of Tamilnadu.
  • The foster and encourage the exchange of information relating to dairy farming and allied industries.
  • To promote and organise campaigns for promotion of commercial dairy farming through advertisements, conferences, shows etc.,
  • To collect, classify and circulate statistical and other information related to dairy farming.
  • To represent the difficulties of dairy farming and allied industries to the central and state governments and other authorities concerned and to obtain redress thereof and to endeavour to remove all impediments in the growths and development of the dairy farming.
  • To encourage the improvement and advancement of dairy farming by actively promoting the exchange of ideas between members.
  • To actively assist emerging dairy farmers to establish and expand their operations by becoming involved in a mentoring process.
  • To collaborate with societies, associations, or any other organization, national or international, having similar aims and to participate in meetings held in India or abroad centred around similar objectives.
  • To promote the interests of commercial dairy farming as a whole.

Currently, PDFA represents 1000+ dairy farms and 12,000+ dairy cows.